About Us
Talace is founded by several serial entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of tech and aesthetics in 2015, including engineers from Facebook, Google, Amazon and Oracle. One of the products we were doing is an App that's similar to Meituan (a Chinese copany, the market cap is over $200 Billion), we sold that app few years ago, and now Talace is dedicated to design, develop and manufacture consumer tech products, specialized in developing high-end but affordable price products. We believe that technology should make life better, presented in an aesthetic way.
Talace originially came from Gainesville, Florida, the hometown of Gator Nation. And then Talace moved to Silicon valley, where the company can hire better engineers to make better products.

We believes that if our company wants to serve the market and customers well, it has to keep designing and developing and better products and hold the core value. The ultimate goal of Talace is to bring the best consumer electronics to the world at the most reasonable price. Good and beautiful life does not have to be pricy
Our Culture
Talace takes “NEVER SETTLE" as its brand concept, which encourages our team to pursue the endless technology, aiming to bring more and more perfect technology products to this world. It not only attaches importance to aesthetics design and technical innovation, strives for building a new international brand, but also pays attention to the development of the culture.

Important dates


We started with the original idea of creating a fashion TWS eyewear, which should be exquisitely designed, stylish, light, and can be used in a different scenario.  



After about 8 months of design and engineering work,  we had our first prototype, which was feasible but hadn't reached the level we want.  



Finally, we released our first version of TWS sunglasses, Talace Lite. We have cut down the weight from over 70 grams to less than 30 grams. 



We launched our Flaghship product, TALACE PRO, which is the best TWS eyewear in the world at this price. Stylish, thin, light, stable, Talace is way better than similar products on the market.  



In order to enable our customers to use TWS eyewear in different scenarios or meet different design preferences, in addition to Talace Pro and Lite, we also have launched our F series. F means fast, fun, future, and Fast charging, which allows the eyewear to get fully charged in 10 mins.

4500 Great America Pkwy,Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA