Talace F Series Fully charged in 10 mins
Different Lens, Different Frame Available
Blue-light blocking lens protect your eyes which are exposed to the computer for a long time every day, reduce eye pressure and eliminate visual fatigue
Allows you to make a hands-free call while listening to music, while still understanding the surrounding environment.
Get your eyes protected, free your hands while enjoy your outdoor activities.

Versatile Touch Controls


No physical buttons. In just several taps, your commands will be executed

Either answering phones, switching songs or taking pics, you name it!

Excellent audio delivery

Directional audio design.

Dual stereo speaker systems. 

Providing you an immersive audio experience. 

Your ears are always open and you can hear surrounding sounds.

Long Battery Life with Magnetic Charger



come with a large capacity double battery 42mAh*2, standby for about 7 days, with a full charging time of 10 mins. 


Specially designed magnetic charger

Just slightly put the magnetic charger onto the pins of the temple,charging has never been easier. 

Fast & Stable Connection

Talace F Series adopted the Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, which is the main chip used in high-end headphones or TWS products, and the Bluetooth range is 40 feet

Light Weight


Abandon the bulky.

With special material from Switzerland, only weighs about 31-43g, 

just as light as other normal glasses. suitable for daily use. 

Anti-sweat and Rain-proof

Designed for all-day use, whether in rain or wind, work or sports. With the IPX5 waterproof function, you can use the glasses in any weather without worry.



Different model has a different color. Please check the pics of the F series. 


For F series, only a few models have the lenses options. (Sunglasses lens and Blue Light Filtering Lenses). Please check the pics of the F series.

Since the lens can be removed from the frame, it can be replaced with a prescription lens at any local optical shop, if the customer has corresponding needs



Bluetooth chip: Qualcomm QCC3020

Bluetooth range :40 feet(12m)




Charging Methods: Magnetic charging

Battery Type:  Lithium-ion battery 

Battery Capacity: 42mAh for each temple, total 84mAh

Charging time: 10mins


Stand-by time:160 hours

Talk time: 3~4 hours

Music playing time: 3-4.5 hours


IP65 RATED. No need to worry about the heavy sweating and rain, they won’t do any harm to the device.

Versatile touch controls (Manual)


Operation(F Series)

Power on

when it's off, tap and hold the touch control area of both temples for 4 seconds to turn it on.  You will hear " Power on".

Shut down

when the device is on,  long tap the touch control area on either temple for 4 seconds to turn it off. By hearing "power off" the device is now switched off.
Plugin the charger, the device will be off automatically.

Bluetooth pairing

Turn on the Bluetooth of the device to be paired. After turning on the smart glasses, please search for "EYEWEAR" and connect. By hearing "ding ding ding", it's connected. 

After the first connection, if you switch your smart eyewear, it will connect to your mobile phone or other smart devices automatically.

Swith on the device, the left and right temples starts pairing,red and blue light flash alternately. when pairing is completed, lights are off and hear tone "Duludu".

Music pause

Double-tap the touch control area on your right temple

Music play

Double-tap the touch control area on your right temple

switch to the previous song


switch to the next song

double-tap the touch control area on your left temple

Wake up the voice assistant

Triple tap on the touch control area on your left temple to activate voice control, such as Siri, Alexa, or others.

Answer incoming call

Double-tap touch control area on either temple

End the call

Double-tap touch control area on either temple

Reject the call


Voice volume

Voice volume can only be adjusted by paired devices

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